About our program

The Chair in Mennonite Studies at the University of Winnipeg was established to give students an opportunity to study the rich heritage of the Mennonites and their contribution to society. Mennonite Studies is an Interdisciplinary Program, combining history, religion, culture, and literature as they relate to the Mennonites in the past and present. In the courses and seminars students seek to understand the once maligned and persecuted people, and consider the contributions they have made, and are making, to the development of the Christian religion, culture, literature, and art. The question of how the Mennonites seek to come to terms with the world around them is a major part of the Programs' emphasis.

It is now possible to obtain a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Mennonite Studies. A major in Mennonite Studies is an excellent way to learn about an historic people's commitment to non-violence, community action, spirituality and religion. A major in Mennonite Studies can provide a useful preparation for fields in law, journalism, social work, pastorate, conflict resolution. To plan for a Major in Mennonite Studies consult with the Chair in Mennonite Studies.

Students will find courses in Mennonite Studiesa useful and informative addition to a liberal arts education. While the Program itself is not aimed at any particular vocational preparation, the background it provides will be especially relevant to students of Mennonite origin, and to students who intend to pursue work or further study in the area of multiculturalism, peace and nonviolence, religion in society and Mennonite-related fields. The courses also prepare students who intend to write MA and PhD theses dealing with Anabaptist-Mennonite subjects. Students increasingly choose some area of Mennonite Studies to pursue further scholarly work in such disciplines as Conflict Resolution Studies, History, Religious Studies, Sociology and Women's Studies.