Call For Papers

A People of Diversity:
A 50th Anniversary Conference

In November 2018 the Mennonite Historical Society of Canada will celebrate its 50th anniversary and host a history conference on Mennonites in Canada since 1970.  The theme will be “A People of Diversity.”

This diversity can be seen in new ‘ethnic identities’, new forms of crossing old  boundaries, and new ways of thinking about faith, culture and socio-political issues.  This conference will explore the significance of these changes since 1970 and consider the implications on being “Mennonite” in the 21st century.

Paper proposals are invited on a variety of themes and subjects including, but not limited to, those identified below: 


  1. femininity, masculinity and ideas on gender and sexuality
  2. approaches to environmental stewardship
  3. communications, the internet and community realignment
  4. politics and political engagement


  1. changing Mennonite missional strategies 
  2. diverging congregational ethnicities 
  3. secularity and post-Christian Canada
  4. the status of non-resistance, pacifism and non-violence


  1. Asian, Latin American or African-Canadian congregations
  2. second generation Quebec Mennonites
  3. evolving Indigenous-Mennonite relations 
  4. the rise of the LGBTQ Anabaptists 

Please send a 100 word proposal, accompanied by your CV, to by September 1, 2017. Funding for travel is available for students and other potential participants without institutional support.

Planning committee members include: Marlene Epp (Waterloo), Bruce Guenther (Abbotsford), Laureen Harder-Gissing (Waterloo), Royden Loewen (Winnipeg), Lucille Marr (Montreal) and Conrad Stoesz (Winnipeg).

Look for a selection of papers from this conference in the 2019 issue of the Journal of Mennonite Studies.  We anticipate that this conference will result in a book titled, Mennonites in Canada: A People of Diversity, 1970-2020, relevant to a wide range of audiences.

Download Call for Papers (81kb PDF)

For More Information call 786.9391 or email