Return of the Kanadier:
A History Conference on a Migrant People

Thursday, October 3 to Saturday, October 5, 2002


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An academic conference examining the history of the immigration and integration of Kanadier Mennonites from Paraguay, Mexico and other Latin American countries into Canada.

The conference will pay special attention to the accomplishments of these Mennonite immigrants and the challenges they faces as they integrated into Canada. While the conference will hear about the Mennonite migrants who left Canada for Latin America during the 1920s and 1940s, the main focus will be on the return of their descendants between 1960 and 2000. The conference will feature papers on Kanadier immigrant communities in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Among issues that will be examined are the following: 1) community formation, 2) work and economics, 3) gender and family relations, 4) health, 5) inter-group relations, 6) education, 7) religious teaching, 8) relations with government, 9) migration and diasporic culture, 10) transplanted Latino and Low German cultures.

The conference is sponsored by the Mennonite Historical Society of Canada, Chair in Mennonite Studies (U of Winnipeg), Mennonite Central Committee, and Canadian Mennonite University.

Keynote Addresses:

The Sending Society:

Community Studies:

Health and Service:

Labour and Economics:

Gender Relations:

Church Life:

University of Winnipeg Students on:

First Hand Accounts: Marvin Dueck, Henry Bergen, Ann Peters