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Mennonite/s Writing VIII:
Personal Narratives of Place and Displacement
October 19–21, 2017

Hosted by the Centre for Transnational Mennonite Studies

A Divergent Voices of Mennonites in Canada (DVCM) Conference

The University of Winnipeg
Eckhardt Gramatté Hall, 3rd Floor Centennial Building

In Partnership with Canadian Mennonite University
Friday Evening Location: Marpeck Commons, CMU



This international, interdisciplinary conference focuses on personal narratives – including biography, autobiography, diary, and memoir – in relation to the theme of “place and displacement.” Participants will explore the historical and literary significance of personal narratives that arise from varied dislocations. Some may have resulted from violent and forced migrations from places like Russia and Poland, others from social and cultural upheaval in peacetime Canada and the United States. Some stories of dislocation are historical in nature, some are literary, others are theological; most blur these interpretative lines.

Questions to be considered: How have Mennonite writers recorded their experiences of forced migration, or resisted assimilatory pressures of modern society? How have they imaginatively grappled with their local community’s place in “the world”? What role have personal narratives played in connecting, sustaining, or challenging Mennonite communities and institutions? And what future spaces are opened by attending more closely to personal narratives within the context of Mennonite writing?

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