Blumenort Book Cover

Blumenort / Blumenhof Twin Creek

A Mennonite Community in Transition

Royden K. Loewen

The Mennonites of Manitoba have undergone a remarkable change since 1874. This book tells the story of one community, Blumenort. It tells how Kleine Gemeinde Mennonites settled here and how they have changed since then. It answers questions such as:

The history of Blumenort is a holistic one. Each aspect of the community is portrayed. The author has traced the theme of transition in Blumenort's landscape, business enterprises, farms, homes, schools, church and culture.

The information for this story came from months of interviewing in both the Blumenort area and in places as far away as Belize, C.A. The Author has also made extensive use of previously unexamined records, minutes, diaries, and letters. The result of this is a detailed account of the community from the time of emigration from Russia to the present.

The book includes:

Detailed footnoting, an extensive bibliography, and a comprehensive index provide the necessary tools for the serious reader. Both the general reader, interested in the Blumenort community and family genealogy, and the student of ethnic minorities and Mennonite history will find this book useful.

Hardcover: 669 pages
Publisher: Blumenort Mennonite Historical Society (1983)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0919673473
ISBN-13: 978-0919673472

Second Edition
Publisher: Blumenort Mennonite Historical Society (1990)
ISBN-10: 0920739873