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Journal of Mennonite Studies Volume 35, 2017

Foreword: the editor 7

JMS Forum:
Mennonites, Land and the Environment

“Parks magnificent as paradise”: Nature and Visual Art among the Mennonites of the Early Modern Dutch Republic, NINA SCHROEDER 11

Mennonite Capital and Rural Transformation in Friesland and Overijssel, 1700-1850, COR TROMPETTER 41

Nature and Neighbours in the Netherlands: Talking with Doopsgezinde Farmers about the Environment, HANS PETER FAST 61

“Every family on their own”?: Iowa’s Mennonite Farm Communities and the 1980s Farm Crisis, JOHN EICHER 75

Agrarian Tradition vs. Modern Farm Business: Monitoring a ‘Debate’ in the (Old) Mennonite Church, REBECCA HORNER SHENTON 97

On the Mennonite-Métis Borderland: Environment, Colonialism, and Settlement in Manitoba, JOSEPH R. WIEBE 111

(Trans)planting Manitoba’s West Reserve: Mennonites, Myth, and Narratives of Place, SUSIE FISHER 127

The Villages of Tunggul Wulung and Pieter Jansz: Vision and Reality in the Javanese Countryside, LAWRENCE M. YODER 149

Javanese Wisdom, Mennonite Faith, and the Green Revolution: The Farmers of Margorejo, DANANG KRISTIAWAN 173

Voices from the Hills vs. Words from the Missionary: Competing Rural Cultures in Southwestern Zimbabwe, ELIAKIM SIBANDA 197

Mothers, Soil, and Substance: Stories of Endurance from Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe, BELINDA NCUBE 223

Cultivating the Steppe: The Origins of Mennonite Farming Practices in the Russian Empire, DAVID MOON 241

Modelling Mennonites: Farming the Siberian Kulunda Steppe, 1921 to 1928, HANS WERNER 269

Sowing Hatred or Producing Prosperity: Agriculture and Believers in Post-World War II Communist Siberia, AILEEN FRIESEN 287

Cheese is Culture and Soy is Commodity: Environmental Change in a Bolivian Mennonite Colony, BEN NOBBS-THIESSEN 303

Vulnerability and Agriculture among Old Colony Mennonites in Quintana Roo: A Research Note, CAROLINA VARGAS and MARTHA GARCÍA ORTEGA 329

Regular Research Papers

From Martyr Narrative to Medical Discourse: Writing a Contemporary Mennonite Subject, REBECCA PLETT 339

Caught Between the Lines: The Fictionalization of Anabaptism in Historical Novels of the Kulturkampf Era, BERIT JANY 357

Book Reviews

Literary Reviews

Robert Zacharias, ed., After Identity (Rosmarin Heidenreich) 381

David Bergen, Stranger (Dora Dueck) 385

Maurice Mierau, Autobiographical Fictions (Di Brandt) 386

Carla Funk, Gloryland (Tanis MacDonald) 388

Jeff Gundy, Abandoned Homeland (Kyle Gerber) 390

Keith Miller, The Sins of Angels (Daniel Shank Cruz) 393

Mary Ann Loewen, ed., Sons and Mothers (Kerry Fast) 395

Garth Martens, Prologue for the Age of Consequence (Warren Cariou) 397

Lynette Loeppky, Cease (Ann Hostetler) 400

Connie T. Braun, Unspoken (Grace Kehler) 402

Katherena Vermette, The Break (David Gaertner) 404

History and Social Science Reviews

Harvey L. Dyck and John R. Staples, eds., Transformation on the Southern Ukrainian Steppe (Aileen Friesen) 407

Jacob A. Neufeld, Path of Thorns, trans. Harvey L. Dyck and Sara Dyck, (Hans Werner) 409

Luann Good Gingrich, Out of Place (Patirica Harms) 410

Royden Loewen, Horse-and-Buggy Genius (Lorenzo Cañás Bottos) 413

Katie Funk Wiebe, My Immigrant Father (Jonathan Wagner) 415

Jacob E. Peters, Adolf Ens and Eleanor Chornoboy, eds., The Outsiders’ Gaze (Roland Sawatzky) 416

Dorothy M. Peters with Christine S. Kampen, Daughters in the House of Jacob (Robyn Sneath) 418

J. Denny Weaver, God Without Violence (Carl Friesen) 420

Mark L. Louden, Pennsylvania Dutch (Kristin Lovrien-Meuwese) 422

Katherine Martens and Edgar G. Reimer, Reimer Legacy (Patricia Janzen Loewen) 424

In Memoriam
Katie Funk Wiebe 427

Authors’ Profiles 429
Notices and Calls for Papers 434