Coming Events

Departing Canada, Encountering Latin America: Reflections on the Centenary of Mennonite Emigration from Canada to Mexico and Paraguay. October 21-22, 2022.

This centenary conference invites papers from a variety of disciplines that explore the development of Mennonite life on the Canadian prairies, the factors that drove emigration from Canada in 1922, the establishment and evolution of Mennonite communities in Mexico and Paraguay, and the subsequent migration of Mennonites from Mexico to other regions of Latin America. We also welcome submissions that offer comparative examples and/or situate Low German Mennonites within national and regional contexts.

Visit the conference websitee for more information and to register.

Past Events

A Virtual Roundtable: MCC, Refugees and the Legacies of National Socialism. November 4, 2021, 2:30-3:45 pm CDT.

Sponsored by Centre for Transnational Mennonite Studies (University of Winnipeg), MCC Canada, and MCC U.S.

Recent scholarship has given renewed attention to Mennonite entanglements with National Socialism before, during and after the Second World War. This scholarship has highlighted the roles played by Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) — a worldwide ministry of Anabaptist churches. A special fall 2021 issue of MCC’s Intersections explores these different dimensions including MCC’s interactions with the German Nazi government in the 1930s and early 1940s; its response to the German nationalist movement in the Mennonite colony of Fernheim in Paraguay; its humanitarian work in wartime France; and its post-war efforts to help displaced Mennonites from the Soviet Union.

Exploring themes of identity politics, refugee policies, and Holocaust collaboration, this public roundtable will discuss MCC’s post-Second World War work to resettle displaced Mennonites. Presenters will focus on how MCC helped Mennonite refugees narrate their wartime experiences, navigate through the international aid system and ultimately immigrate to Canada, Paraguay and elsewhere.


MCC at 100: Mennonites, Service, and the Humanitarian Impulse. Sept. 30-Oct. 2, 2021. A Virtual Mennonite Studies Conference. (Program)

MENNONITES AND ANTHROPOLOGY: Ethnography, Religion, and Global Entanglements. October 25-26, 2019. A Centre for Transnational Mennonite Studies Conference, University of Winnipeg, Convocation Hall, 2nd Floor Wesley Hall. Download the Conference Program (615kb PDF)

Fourth Annual CTMS Spring Lecture: "BUILDING A SOVIET UTOPIA". May 30, 2019, 7:00pm. University of Winnipeg Faculty Club

A People of Diversity: Mennonites in Canada since 1970. A 50th Anniversary Conference. November 15-17, 2018. (Program). Download the official brochure (333kb PDF) here.

Mennonite/s Writing VIII: Personal Narratives of Place and Displacement. October 20 & 21, 2017 (Program)

Mennonites, Land and the Environment: A Global History Conference. October 28-29, 2016 (Program)

MENNONITES, MEDICINE AND THE BODY: Health and Illness in the Past and Present. An Academic and Community Education Conference hosted by the Chair in Mennonite Studies at Eckhardt Gramatté Hall, University of Winnipeg, October 23 & 24, 2015 download conference program (392kb PDF)

EX-MENNONITE / NEAR MENNONITE: Liturgical, Non-denominational, Secular. October 3 & 4, 2014 download conference program (250kb PDF)

MCC IN CANADA: A 50th Anniversary Conference. December 13-14, 2013 (Program) or download program brochure (182kb PDF)

Mennonites and Human Rights: Grappling with State Power in the Past and Present. October 18-20, 2012 (Program)

Anti-Modern Pathways: 'Horse And Buggy' Mennonites in Canada, Belize and Latin America
Friday-Saturday, October 21-22, 2011, Convocation Hall 2W16 (event details)

Mennonites, Melancholy and Mental Health: A History Conference Winnipeg, Friday-Saturday, October 15-16, 2010 (event details & poster)

Siberia Mennonite History Conference for June 2010: Event Details, Program (final), and post-conference Tour Details

Mennonite/s Writing: Manitoba and Beyond. October 1-4, 2009 (event details & photos)

Mennonites and Money: Wealth and Poverty in the Past and Present – October 9 & 10, 2008 (event details)

Family & Sexuality in Mennonite History: An Academic and Community Education Conference – October 12-13, 2007 (event details)

War And The Conscientious Objector: A History Conference – 21 and 22 October 2006 (event details)

Mennonite Hosts and Refugee Newcomers: 1979 – the Present – A weekend history conference, September 30 & October 1, 2005 (event details)

State of the Art of North American Mennonite History – A weekend conference, October 1 and 2, 2004 (event details)

‘Mennonites and the Challenges of Multiculturalism: A 25th Anniversary’ conference, October 2003

The Return of the Kanadier Mennonites: A History of Accomplishments and Challenges, October 3-5, 2002 (event highlights)

Mennonites in the City, November/December, 2001 (event information)

History of Aboriginal-Mennonite Relations, October 2000 (event highlights)

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